Why don't we list equipment prices on our site?

There are a few reasons!

We get this question a lot from users browsing our site looking for prices while researching potential equipment solutions. Unfortunately, we are limited to sharing certain information online. We know, we know....it can be a hassle to hunt down a bunch of quotes. We promise it's worth the effort!

A few reasons we can't always list equipment price:

  • Limitations due to our supplier agreements
  • Fluctuations in promotions and offers
  • Demand and availability for certain products

We work around the clock to ensure our clients know they're our top priority. Typically we can send out a price quote within a few minutes for whatever equipment you're looking to purchase or rent. 


Why choose AGS for your survey equipment needs for sales, rental or service?

We've worked hard over the last 30 years building out our support network and perfecting our sales practices. AGS has maintained its status in the industry by leading with customer support and client satisfaction, and we plan on doing the same for you. 


Can I buy new equipment from you?


We are an Authorized Topcon and Sokkia dealer, as well as a Spectra Geospatial dealer and offer a full lineup of their products to all our clients - NEW. 

AGS offers a HUGE selection of Certified Pre-Owned or Manufacturer Refurbished equipment and flexible rental options! If you're not sure about the benefits of pre-owned equipment, we'd love to talk you through your options. Pre-owned or refurbished equipment offers the same functionality and reliability of new equipment at a fraction of the cost!


How long do repairs take?

Every job is different, so there isn't a set time. Repairs are turned around as quickly as possible - sometimes they're even finished and shipped out the same day we receive them. Our service team is always available to give you an estimate and walk through your options, so feel free to give us a call for more info! We ensure communication every step of the way, so you'll know what the status is as your equipment moves through our service pipeline. Each service order is given a ticket number and anyone on the AGS team can check the status via chat or a phone call. 


What can I do while my equipment is being serviced?

If you need to keep working while we service or repair your instrument(s), AGS has an expansive loaner program available. During warranty work, loaners are offered free of charge to our clients. For all other repairs, we offer discounted rental rates while we take care of your equipment.